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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Do you walk your dog when it's raining?

I came into work this morning and what a great surprise. It was gloomy, grey and raining. The clouds looking like they were ready to let rip a massive quantity of rain drops, I suppose you could compare them to a pregnant lady waiting to drop. Oh joy!

The state of the weather then sparked my thoughts to the following topic, 'How many people actually still take their dog for a walk even if it was raining?'

Now I'm not talking drizzle (that's the name of my cat too),or light, misty rain, I mean absolutely tipping it down, soaking wet rain where you only have to step onto your doorstep and your hair look as though you have just jumped out of the shower. My dog, the gorgeous Jed only has to hear it raining and think, 'Great, that's my walk out of the window this morning!'

But when you think about it, your cat is the mostly likely domestic pet to hide inside out of the rain because they don't like water.

Dogs, given half a chance bound out of the door, roll in the grass and shake as the tiptoe back into the kitchen pleased with themselves that you now have to chase them around in circles to wipe their paws so they don't get mud on the cream carpets! You can tell I'm talking from experience can't you?!

But Jed knows the drill. Out he trots for a wee and a breath of fresh air, door opens and in he treads and stands like a very good, well trained boy as I wipe him over with his doggie towel. Not likely! Jed gets as far as the door opening and rockets straight into the living room, where he knows that mum has just that second put the hoover away. Typical , but he does make me giggle. As he has got older his character just gets funnier and funnier. He is one wise fella!

I think he is teaching my little cat a few tricks too...

Enter Drizzle. A fairly small, slight pussycat with patterns of grey, brown and black all over, with a dove white belly and pricked ears. Drizzle, such a pretty, friendly fur ball, gracefully parading around her home ready to spot the next sucker munching on something tasty. Of course, Jed has beaten her to it and has already claimed the prime seat in the house awaiting any falling crumbs for him to lap up. Well, so he believes, until...

Drizzle. This little madam isn't fazed by Jed's presence as she has figured out that as she is so small she can afford to launch herself onto the chair and sit on the lap of her victim, getting closer than the spotty nosed pooch. But somehow Jed's pitiful, sorry eyes always wins the choccie biscuit!

Honestly, in the mornings I am lucky if I get to munch half of my piece of toast because I am surrounded by the zoo! But our home would be lost without them, they carry such a respected presence.

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